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5 Tips To Losing Weight
While Keeping Your

by Craig Rowe

Losing weight is the goal of many individuals worldwide however

there is no simple way to drop the pounds like taking a pill or

simply wishing them away. Unfortunately, losing weight takes

determination and commitment to a healthy diet and exercise

plan and even then it takes longer than we would like to drop

those extra pounds. So, what can you do to lose weight and keep

your sanity? The following five tips should help you out.

Tip #1 Lower Your Expectations

If you begin an exercise or diet plan, or both, and have heard

you will lose incredible amounts of weight in no time at all

and then it doesn’t happen then you feel let down and won’t

have the same dedication to carry on and your diet fails

miserably. However, if you are more realistic to begin with and

realize that most people lose 1-2 pounds per week on a healthy

exercise and diet plan then you will be better informed and can

expect these types of results ahead of time rather than being


Tip #2 Don’t Tell Everyone You are Dieting

When people first start diets they tell everyone they are

dieting and their great weight loss plans. However, this can

frequently work against you because people will talk and judge

your weight loss progress and make you feel uncomfortable,

especially if you eat something others don’t believe is part of

your diet plan. This will give you a complex, so simply start

your diet, inform close family and friends for support, and

keep your dieting to yourself and you won’t go crazy.

Tip #3 Don’t Eliminate a Food Group

Many times when you eliminate a complete food group from your

diet you feel as if you are really sacrificing too much and you

will simply lose your sanity and your diet will fail. On the

other hand, if you eat a well balanced diet and allow yourself

little treats along the way you will lose weight and keep your

sanity as well.

Tip #4 Household Support

When you start a diet you need to make sure the entire

household will support you in your efforts. If you are not

eating sugar yet your spouse continues to come home with

cookies, ice cream, and doughnuts then you will have a hard

time sticking to the diet and you won’t feel much support,

either, which will drive you crazy. So, make sure your entire

family is ready to support you and if they choose to eat

unhealthy to do it away from the home.

Tip #5 Work Out

Losing weight takes a lot of time, which can really test your

sanity. However, if you include a work out routine with your

diet then you will see a much quicker weight loss, have more

energy, sleep better, and simply feel better about yourself.

This will help you keep your sanity and stay true to your

weight loss plan.

When you follow these five tips you will be able to keep your

sanity while staying on your diet and exercise plan better than

if you give it a try all on your own.

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