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All Natural Weight Loss Supplement Hoodia

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All Natural Weight Loss Supplement Hoodia Gordonii

by Paul Callis

Copyright 2005

In my time I have been an international competitive swimmer,

ranked number 1 in the UK, in the top 20 worldwide, represented

England, and won medals at World level. Having been in the

environment of top class athletes, and everyday healthy people,

I have become very knowledgeable in the area of nutrition and


Still maintaining regular fitness and excellent nutritional

levels, I regularly converse with many people of all types of

fitness levels. The majority, at fitness centers, are obese and

vastly over weight, constantly looking for ways to lose weight.

Spending years training in public, and seeing bodily changes on

a day to day basis, I have become very familiar with Hoodia

Gordonii, and have seen rapid improvements, that have in turn

had life changing effects on people, and all for the better.

You may be wondering what Hoodia Gordonii is, and may have

heard from the newspapers and television.

It is grown in the Kalahari Desert region of South Africa,

Hoodia Gordonii is an all-natural appetite suppressant, derived

from a cactus-like plant with prickly spikes. Scientists have

been researching the Hoodia plant for almost a decade, and have

found it to be completely free of harmful side effects.

The active ingredient in Hoodia Gordonii, the molecule known as

P57, imitates the effects that glucose has on your brain,

signaling that you are full. Your brain has what is called a

Hypothalamus. This part of your brain controls your appetite.

When you eat, the glucose levels in your body rise. As these

levels go up, the hypothalamus sends off a signal to your cells

to stop eating. This is when you start to feel full. Hoodia

Gordonii's molecule, P57, tells your brain the same exact

thing, even if you haven't eaten a bite. By mimicking the

effects of glucose on your brain, the hypothalamus starts to

send messages to your cells which in turn, make you feel full.

Paul Callis is extremely knowledgeable in the field of sports

and nutrition in the UK . Paul’s passion for swimming in his

earlier years, helped him achieve world medals and gain great

knowledge and understanding in all aspects of looking after the

human body, eating correctly to maintain a healthy lifestyle,

and discovering what does and does not help with weight loss.

About The Author: You can visit Paul’s web site, and read his

recommendations and advice at

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