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Using Art Prints With A Minimalist Home Decor

by Joel Walsh

Copyright 2005

Most decorators traditionally recommend a minimalist décor for

many spaces, particularly small spaces such as apartments and

guest houses. Unfortunately, many people believe that this

means that the walls should be kept completely bare for a

minimalist décor to work. Aren't pictures too flashy for a

minimalist décor?

Art Prints: Perfect Complement to a Minimalist Decor

In a word: no, pictures are not too flashy to use with a

minimalist décor. In a few more words: art prints are not too

flashy for a minimalist décor, as long as you select your

prints carefully. In fact, in rooms with minimalist decor, art

prints add character and highlight the fact that the decor

really is minimalist and not just neglected.

The trick with choosing art prints carefully is just to pick

one print, or pick a few prints on a highly related subject or

in a similar style, preferably all by the same artist. In a

room with minimalist décor, the prints will easily get more

attention than anything else in the room, so you want to be

careful that the prints do not conflict with each other. An

obvious example: if you really like Monet's paintings of water

lilies, you could get several prints each of a different Monet

painting of water lilies.

There is a special concern if your décor is not just minimalist

but strikingly modernist (for instance, lots of simple furniture

with clear angles or curves rather than carved woodwork). In a

room with a particularly modernist décor, prints that are from

an earlier era might seem out of place. Go with prints that

were created more or less in the era in which your furniture

was designed, or in which your furniture's design was most


Obviously, there is a lot of room for personal judgment as to

what goes with what, since modernist anything always was

designed not to look as though it belonged to a particular

period of time. It can be even more confusing if your

modernist-looking furniture was really just designed to look

spare in a general way rather than to hark to a particular

school of design. In those cases, just try to go for something

that looks like it matches, sticking to prints of artworks that

are modern but that are not immediately recognizable as

belonging to a specific decade.

If your furniture leans toward the 1950s and 60s style of

modernism (the kind of playful curves that would be at home in

a room with a sunburst clock on the wall), try prints of the

work of a period artist such as Jackson Pollack. If your

décor's modernism leans toward the seventies or eighties (e.g.,

glass-topped coffee tables and very spare design, you might be

better off with Jasper Johns than Jackson Pollack.

Choosing Art Prints for Rooms with Multiple Colors

* Minimal does not necessarily mean subdued. Just look at the

vibrant paintings of modern artist Mondrian, such as "Broadway

Boogie Woogie", composed entirely of interlocking rectangles,

square, triangles, and circles. If you'd like to keep your

décor simple even with a striking color scheme, art prints can

actually help. Here's why:

* Art prints pull together disparate colors in a room. A print

gallery or website will be able to recommend the best art print

based on the colors in your room. Some sites even have search

engines that match a room's color scheme with appropriate art


* When the furnishings in a room attract attention art prints

make sure the walls provide visual interest, too, so the eye is

not pulled relentlessly downward toward the furniture or rugs.

Of course, you have to be careful not to give people a

headache. As a rule of thumb, the more riotous the play of

colors on the ground, the more orderly the play of colors on

the walls should be. If the vibrant colors of your furnishings

tend to swirl together, lend the room calm with artwork that

takes those colors and presents them in neat lines and blocks.

* Art prints make it clear that your colorful décor is a

well-rhymed composition, not just a loud burst of color.

Visitors to your pad who see a blue couch, red end tables, and

yellow lamps might well wonder what you were thinking--until

they see a print of "Broadway Boogie Woogie," or other artwork

that shows how these disparate colors really do belong


* In the end, there is beauty in the simplicity of a room with

a minimalist interior design, and there is beauty in the art

that takes the same simple approach. If you keep that fact in

mind when choosing artwork for your minimalist room, you can

make sure your décor is more than minimally beautiful.

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