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These articles on generic Tai Chi & Qigong health & social benefits common to all styles, are by World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Founder, and author, Bill Douglas. Bill is the Tai Chi Expert at, as well as a global media source on Tai Chi. You will find these articles both fact filled and entertaining.

These articles are provided as a public service to help de-stress our world. Webmasters, you can use them as free Tai Chi & Qigong quality content to publish on your site.

Webmasters, below you'll also find quality educational and entertaining VIDEOS on Tai Chi & Qigong you can link to, or publish, on your website (see below requirements).

The only requirement on articles is that the author's biography be included with all reprints or publication, and on website publication the link to must be a live link. You'll find that WTCQD Tai Chi articles are unique, yet generic, articles about Tai Chi's health potential and social implications, that can be applied to any style of Tai Chi.

These articles are informative invitations to the mass culture to see more clearly the profound possibilities Tai Chi practice offers their everyday lives. Do you or your teacher have Tai Chi articles you'd like to submit to our Library?

Regarding video usage, if you put our videos on your website, we request they be un-edited, and include an acknowledgement of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day as the producer with a live link to

What top authorities and health professionals are saying about Bill's writing style, and how it invites an ever larger segment of the population to come to Tai Chi, Qigong, and your website and classes for many different health & social reasons:

". . . In a user-friendly and meaningful style, Bill Douglas offers a compelling and easy to understand description of ancient Asian energy exercises that effectively reduce stress and improve health."

-- Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Cellular Biologist & bestselling author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness,
 Matter & Miracles

" . . . Bill Douglas, explains the complexities of T’ai Chi and QiGong in the form of an invitation, easing his students [readers] into a greater understanding of the usefulness and purpose of this ancient form of meditative movement."

-- Kristy Straits-Troster, Ph.D.,
   Clinical Psychologist, Primary Care Medicine


Experts in the Dr. Weil Tradition

Bill Douglas' work as Founder of the international health education event World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day ( was recognized by the U.N. World Health Organization and governors of many states. Bill is the presenter/author of the internationally best selling T'ai Chi DVD "Anthology of T'ai Chi & Qigong: The Prescription for the Future," and book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong (Alpha - Penguin Putnam 2nd edition, 2002), and a contributing writer in Chi Kung: Energy for Life (Harper Collins, 2002). He's been a T'ai Chi/Qigong source for The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, The South China Morning Post, The New York Times, Russia's Omsk Daily News, and The San Francisco Chronicle. As director of, a stress management consulting firm, Bill has been commissioned by many of the world's top corporations including Hallmark Cards Inc. and Sprint Corporation. Bill is a strong supporter of Dr. Weil's work and recommends Dr. Weil's book "Spontaneous Healing" in his best selling T'ai Chi book. Click here to read an interview Bill Douglas.


Ko Cycle or Qi Cycle of Traditional Chinese Medicine graphic
Qi Energy Cycle of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture Meridian Map of the 361 major acupuncture points on the human body
Acupuncture Meridian Map graphic

CX = Pericardium Channel

GB = Gallbladder Channel

GV = Governing Vessel or Du Mai

HE = Heart Channel

KI = Kidney Channel

LI = Large Intestine Channel

LU = Lung Channel

LV = Liver Channel

SI = Small Intestine Channel

SP = Spleen-Pancreas Channel

ST = Stomach Channel

TW = Triple Warmer or San Jiao Channel

UB = Urinary Bladder Channe

I recently found an article I wanted to seek your permission as author for our Newsletter Committee to summarise its contents and publish an article in our non-profit newsletter.

The Schizophrenia Fellowship of Queensland compiles a bi-monthly newsletter with a variety of information about mental health issues ... to approximately 850 members throughout Queensland.

I thought it would be a very useful article to talk about the health benefits of Tai Chi, particularly its role in helping to lower anxiety levels.

Hayley Abell; Executive Assistant
Schizophrenia Fellowship of Queensland Inc

Burn Calories, Dump Stress, Boost Immune Function - Without Sweating ?

by Bill Douglas, content writer for World Tai Chi & Qigong Day. (Bill has served as the Tai Chi Expert for, and has been a Tai Chi source for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC Radio, USA Weekend, Reader's Digest, South China Morning Post,)


According to a twenty-year study by Kaiser Permanente, between seventy and eighty-five percent of illness is caused by stress, meaning that in the U.S. alone stress is costing us about one-trillion dollars per year in healthcare costs. Since most absenteeism is due to stress, US business is losing upwards of $300 billion per year.

On a more personal level, it is disturbing to realize that aging is accelerated by stress, and stress is a growing issue with all of us. Studies show that change is stressful, even "good" change. So as we computer jockeys settle into the saddle of a new age of rapidly changing information, we need an edge that can help us stay healthy, sane, "younger" and more vibrant, even as we are often at the very center of the hurricane of modern change, such as keeping up with new hardware and software.

Ironically an ancient mind/body tool provides the perfect balm for our generation's modern problems -- it is called "Tai Chi" (pronounced tie-chee). T'ai Chi is a gentle series of relaxing motions that cleanse the body's tissue of accumulated stress and, by doing so, boosts all aspects of our health systems. According to emerging research boosting the immune system's strength dramatically, while reducing the incidence of depression, anxiety, and even reducing chronic pain conditions, are just a few of Tai Chi's myriad benefits.

What makes ancient T'ai Chi the perfect modern balm is that it doesn't require special facilities or clothing, and doesn't even make you break a sweat, meaning you can do it in office attire in an empty boardroom just by kicking off your heels. Yet, it provides the same euphoria of a long run, the cardiovascular benefit of moderate impact aerobics, and burns nearly as many calories as downhill skiing.

Our time is filled with paradox. A problem in this modern age stems from the great promise of the information age -- a tidal wave of data being created by and offered to our "left brain"; that part of our minds that is analytical, calculating, and categorizing the world. Of course, this is a powerful and important part of who we are. This is the part of the mind that gets things done, pays the rent, builds the houses, and makes the cars. Our "right brain," however, is getting left behind in our rapidly changing techno-world, and this imbalance of thought processes is at the heart of modern stress.

Our right brain is the feeling, smelling, sensing . . . enjoying part of the mind. This is the part of the mind that smells the flowers, not to analyze the smell, but to be filled with its beauty -- and this is the part that has been left behind in the digital world. When we go to the cyber mall, for example, our right brain doesn't get to play. The cyber mall is a wonderful thing that saves us time, money, and gas for our cars (and thereby saves the environment), but there are no Auntie Anne's Pretzels to smell in cyberspace, or warm sunlight streaming in through the big skylights.

So what do we do? We get the best of both worlds. T'ai Chi is a series of exercises to balance the mind. T'ai Chi teaches us to experience life for sheer pleasure, thereby creating balance in our busy "get things done yesterday" world. If you learn T'ai Chi and practice in the morning before you sit down at your computer, your right brain (the sensing and enjoying brain) will be turned on more. You will feel the texture of your computer keys. You will remember to take the time to get a nice cup of green tea or herbal cinnamon spice tea, and you'll interrupt your staccato keyboard occasionally to smell the tea's rich aroma, feel the warmth in your hands, and breathe the breath of life deeply into your lungs.

Although you are at the cutting edge of the information age revolution, you are also in the garden of life. This will give you an edge in the long run. Why? Because chronic stress diminishes our cognitive skills and therefore, our creativity.

Einstein said, "Creativity is more important than knowledge." Even if we have the world's knowledge at our fingertips, if we are too stressed out to use the knowledge "creatively," we are much less effective. Plus, we're not as much fun!

The bottom line is T'ai Chi is a set of exercises to practice enjoying life. It's not enough just to say, "I'm going to enjoy life more." We actually have to practice mind/body tools that can positively affect our brain wave activity, in an integrative way, as T'ai Chi is proven to do.

T'ai Chi is an extremely sophisticated mind/body science that evolved over millennia, and is now being made available to all of us after centuries of being closely guarded secrets in China. Even though the practices are ancient, they are in many ways just as cutting edge as the multi-gigabyte computer.

Don't just be "cutting edge" with your left-brain. Go all the way and stretch the envelope with your right brain, too, by weaving T'ai Chi into your life. You will be forever glad you did, as you discover balance and calm in the eye of the modern world's ever accelerating storm of changes rushing at us.


Bill Douglas is the Tai Chi Expert at, Founder of World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day (held in 60 nations each year), and has authored and co-authored several books including a #1 best selling Tai Chi book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to T’ai Chi & Qigong. Bill’s been a Tai Chi source for The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc. You can learn more about Tai Chi & Qigong, search a worldwide teachers directory, and also contact Bill Douglas at

Tai Chi 

Sitting Qigong

Qigong Breathing

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videos on your website, we request
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