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A Simple Tip For When You're Stressed

by Jane Thurnell-Read

Copyright 2005

This is a fantastic tip from Touch For Health to help you when

you're stressed, angry, anxious or upset. Try holding your

frontal eminences. These are bumps on your forehead that many

people hold instinctively when they're upset.

For those of you who don't do this naturally, let me help you

locate them. Feel up from the middle of your eyebrows going

towards your hairline. Your forehead comes outwards before it

curves back in towards the hairline. Hold your forehead at the

points where it is furthest out - about 3cms (1.25 inches)

above the middle of each eyebrow.

While you hold these points think about the stressful event. It

can be something that has already happened, something that is

about to happen, or something you fear may never happen!

Gradually you should find that the stress lessens.

You can use it for small things, but you can also use it for

more traumatic events too. If the thoughts/images are too

overwhelming initially, imagine you are watching it on a TV -

you can always switch it off if becomes too stressful - you're

the one in charge. You can watch it in black and white if that

feels easier too. Use it to defuse anything that you feel

anxious, stressed, angry or fearful about.

You may want to do it several times covering different aspects

of the problem. You can do them one after the other, or at

different times, whichever feels best for you.

As you hold the points and think about/imagine the event, you

will probably start to feel calmer - you may even find that you

start to feel a little bored thinking about this scenario that

previously stressed or angered you so much.

Why does it work?

These particular points on the forehead, known as frontal

eminences, are reflex points with connections to the central

meridian (involved with the brain), the stomach meridian (and

your stomach often churns when you're anxious or angry), and

the bladder meridian (trips to the loo/bathroom are often

necessary when we're apprehensive).

I recently explained this self-help technique to a business

colleague - a keen mountain biker who'd had a serious bike

accident at 30 miles an hour and had broken his skull and

collar bone. His bones had mended, but he was now sometimes

fearful of the sport he loved.

This is what he wrote to me later:

"I don't know how to thank you enough for the technique you

described to me over the phone the other day, it helped me


The following week he sent me this message:

"Your tip worked once again last night - went out (in the pitch

black with my Light&Motion 'daylighter' light) and did some

serious single-tracking and downhilling!!! I never thought I'd

be doing that again - ever! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It

was brilliant!!!!!!!"

It may be hard to believe that something this simple could be

effective in removing anxiety and stress, but try it and see.

About The Author: Life should be simple - do you agree? Then

take a look at Jane Thurnell-Read's web site

( for more self-help tips and

information. Here's a direct link to that section:

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