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How to Obtain Optimal Health

by Monique Hawkins

Copyright 2005

You should already know that nutrition is very important to

your quality of life. If you want to have a healthy life

and lifestyle, you will need to have a healthy diet with

proper nutrition. You might hear all the time that your

nutrition greatly affects the way you live and your quality

of life but have you ever really thought about why? Do you

really understand why it is so important?

If you really want to take the steps to live the long life

that you deserve and to be as healthy as possible and enjoy

those years, than you need to learn all you can about the

importance of optimal nutrition. What you eat really

affects your body and health.

1. What is optimal nutrition?

2. What nutrients do you need to be healthy?

3. What foods give you these nutrients?

Importance of Optimal Nutrition

Optimal nutrition is very important to your overall health

and fitness. Studies have shown that people can actually

live longer if they have healthy nutrition. It is proven

that there is a link between optimal nutrition and long

life and long term health.

If you take a look at society, you will notice an

increasingly large number of people that are overweight and

obese. You will also see problems such as poor teeth and

acne, dry, brittle skin, dry hair and other problems. You

will find many people on medications for headache, stomach

problems, acid reflux, constipation, heart disease, high

blood pressure and more. What may be more alarming than the

high amount of medications is the fact that most people

receive very little information about what is actually

causing their disease or condition. Instead, they get a


What many people never know is that what they are eating

(or not eating) can be causing these health problems. You

also need to understand that you will have to make changes

and adjustments to your intake over the years and stages of

your life. Just like toddlers need a different diet from

teenagers, you also need to alter your diet as you continue

through all of life's stages. Understanding what is best

for you through each stage of your life is the best way to

remain in optimal health.

Micro and Macronutrients

Many people hear that they need proper nutrition but just

what does that mean exactly? What nutrients do you need to

be healthy? Optimal nutrition will include a variety of

different micronutrients and macronutrients. Micronutrients

include certain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Macronutrients include carbohydrates, proteins and fats

that make up the foods you eat.

There is too often a lot of myth surrounding the nutrients,

our bodies and how we use these nutrients. This is why it

is very important that you get all the facts when planning

to change your lifestyle and diet. Many people are

suffering from malnutrition and may not even know it. Many

overweight individuals may be suffering from malnutrition.

Just because you are eating does not mean you are eating

the right things.

Micronutrients are the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

that your body needs to be healthy. The specific ones and

amounts of each will depend on your body, sex, age and

other factors. Every person is different so there is not

one set plan that works for everyone. You need to learn

what works for you. As you change, grow older, etc. this

will change again and you will continue to have to adjust


Macronutrients are the carbs, proteins and fats that you

get from foods. The amounts of these that you need will

vary as well. This is where many myths come in about what

you should or should not eat. The facts are that too much

of anyone can be bad and not enough can be bad. It's all

about finding a balance. This means those "All-Carb" or "No

Carb" diets that are so popular on the market are really

not the best thing for you.

What you choose to ingest in your body has a big impact on

your overall health and your general well-being. People now

eat more fast foods and frozen dinners and other quick

meals that are not very nutritious at all. Some of these

foods even have additives in them that can make them

addictive so that you want more and more. People typically

eat out of hunger and many of these foods do not work to

satisfy your hunger leaving you wanting more or something

else. Yet, they still have many calories and fat and other

things that your body does not need.

Make the Committment

If you are serious in obtaining optimal health to the best

of your ability, then take a look at your lifestyle in

general. Are you eating the right foods? Are you

exercising? Are you getting plenty of fresh air on a daily

basis? Do you have positive relationships? If you find

yourself answering "no" to these questions, then make the

commitment to change. Talk with your family, friends, or a

nutritionist. Check to see if there are support groups in

your area related to health and lifestyle changes. Look

into joining your local gym. Do your research and then

purchase the right nutritional supplements that will help

you achieve your goals.

If you at least try to make a change in one area, more are

sure to follow! You are now on your way to optimal health.

About the Author:

Monique Hawkins is an Associate with USANA Health Sciences.

One of her passions is encouraging and supporting others to

obtain optimal health and wellness. Visit her USANA website

at and her new music box

website at .

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