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Creating Wealth with Affiliate Programs:
Getting Rich with No Money Down

by Sean Gum

Copyright 2005

The question I am asked the most is, "How can I create

additional income streams if I don't have any money to get

started?" This article is going to teach you exactly that -

how to create additional income streams using the Internet

- without requiring any money to get started...

If you search for Work-at-Home or Make Money Online, you

will have literally millions of websites to visit that

promise you the next best way to get rich... for a fee...

You can spend hundreds of dollars researching all of the

business opportunities on the Internet. But more times than

not, the money you spend only supplies information on

everything else you need to buy to get started.

Well have no fear! I am going to show you some of the

secrets I use to creating income streams with no money down!

I realize that a lot of you are living paycheck to

paycheck. Everything coming in, quickly goes right back

out. My intention of writing this article is to help you

break out of this cycle with Affiliate Programs.

What are Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate Programs are used to promote a product or service

through a cost-per-action advertising model. Simply put,

website owners will pay you a commission for every person

you send to their website that either buys their product or

service, or perform some other type of action such as

filling out a survey... built a huge following by utilizing Affiliate

Programs. A website owner simply put a unique link on their

website that provided them. Every time someone

clicked on their unique link and ordered a book, the

website owner would be paid a commission - usually a

percentage of sales.

Banner ads or text ads are used to drive the traffic to the

affiliate website. For example, one website might say

"Click here to order Sean's Latest Book." When someone

clicks on the link, it will go to exactly where they can

order the book at

High traffic websites benefit greatly by this business

model since they can drive a lot of people to the affiliate

websites which results in a lot of commissions being earned.

But what if I don't have a website?!

I know, you don't have a website, right? Or maybe you do,

but you don't get a lot of traffic? I have good news...


Over the last couple years, a new type of website has come

onto the scene. They are called BLOGS. A blog is like a

personal diary of articles that you post that people can

read and comment on.

A couple examples:

You can use a BLOG to drive visitors to affiliate links

without having to have a website. If you look at the

fortunedreams blog above, you will notice that at the end

of every article is a link that says "Click here for FREE

Information on Working at"

If you click on that link, it will go to an affiliate link

which redirects you to a free survey to fill out.

For every person that completes that free survey, I get

paid $2.25. Not too bad, eh?

So How Do I Do It?

Step 1: Open a free affiliate account. Go to and join the affiliate program

there. This affiliate program will allow you to earn $2.25

for every free survey completed.

Step 2: Login to your affiliate account. At the top of the

screen, you will see some TABS. Click on the tab that says

"CREATE YOUR LINKS." Then click on the link that says

"CLICK HERE To get banner and text link code to advertise

our three different websites."

The first website listed will allow you to refer other

people to join the MagMoney Affiliate Program. For every

person that signs up through your link, you will get paid

75 cents for every person THEY get to complete a free

survey. (You might not want to promote this one until later

- when you have a friend that wants to do what you are

doing... You can then get paid on their efforts!)

The second website listed will allow you to send traffic to

a weight loss website. If you want to create a blog about

weight loss, then you will want to use this for your

affiliate link.

The third website listed will allow you to send traffic to

a Work at Home website. If you want to create a blog about

Working at Home, then you will want to use this for your

affiliate link.

Step 3: Decide which website you want to promote from Step

#2, and click on the CLICK HERE that is next to it to

create your unique affiliate link.

Once you do that, you will get a list with your unique

affiliate link along with about 10 banner ads. Disregard

the banner ads since we will not be using them on the Blog.

Step 4: Write down the affiliate link that is listed under

the heading "Basic Affiliate Url:".

If you are doing a weight loss blog, your link would look

something like this:

(Except all on one line.)

Step 5: Go to and create a free Blog


Step 6: Go ahead and create your first blog, whether it is

for Work at Home or Weight Loss.

Step 7: Post articles to your Blog with your affiliate link

posted at the end of every article you post. (Refer back to to get an idea of what to


Do the same thing I did with the "Click here for FREE

Information on Working at" But make

sure you link it back to YOUR unique affiliate link that

you wrote down from Step #4.

Where Do I Find Articles?

The easiest way would be to simply copy them from one of my

blogs listed in the examples above. Or visit one of the

free article websites such as . There are literally

thousands of articles for the taking. You will want to

search for articles that fit the topic of the link you are


For example, if you are promoting the Work at Home link,

you would want articles pertaining to Work at Home.

Step 8: Promote your Blog! There are hundreds of Blog

Directories and RSS Directories that you can submit to that

are free of charge. When you create a blog at, you also get a free RSS feed of

your Blog. You simply add /atom.xml to the end of your Blog.

For example:

The blog would be as an RSS feed.

This allows you to submit it to all the RSS and Blog

Directories that you can find...

Step 9: VERY IMPORTANT: After EVERY article that you post

to your blog, go to and submit

your blog. Click on ALL the Services to Ping and then

submit pings.

This tells many of the popular Blog directories that you

have a new article posted. The more articles you post, the

higher your ranking (and the more traffic they will send


So be sure to do this after every article you post.

Step 10: Post new articles on your Blog several times a

day. Try to post at least a dozen or more new articles on a

daily basis to achieve the best results.

So there you have it! A completely, absolutely free way to

start generating income with the Internet from the comfort

of your own home...

Of course you can repeat the process over and over again

creating as many blogs as you want. You can also use this

method with any of the hundreds of other affiliate programs

on the Internet.

Utilizing this method, you should be able to build up an

extra income from several hundred dollars a month to

several thousand - depending on how hard you work at it.

Now that you are earning a little bit of pocket money, put

$250 aside for a special opportunity to turn it into

hundreds of thousands of dollars with the ultimate


I'll tell you all about it in my next article about my

favorite Business Model - Network Marketing...

Good luck and God bless!

About the Author:

Sean Gum is the president of Magnificent Enterprises, Inc

and founder of a leading Internet leads

generation company. He offers a free newsletter on how to

create wealth on the Internet utilizing three distinct

business models. Sign up for free at

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